Bachelors and Masters students that wish to work on thesis projects in the Neuromuscular Diagnostics group can contact Prof. Franklin or one of the other members of the group by email. We always have scientific questions that could be investigated as part of a thesis project, and can formulate a new project depending on the interests of the students. Most our our projects involve examining human motor control using a robotic manipulandum, and require some learning of Matlab in order to perform analysis. We are also happy to supervise students with their own project plans as long as they fall into our expertise.

Currently we have specific projects that we are searching for motivated students to be involved in as a thesis project. These are listed here:

Bimanual learning

We are investigating learning novel dynamics during reaching movements with both arms. Specific questions involve the learning and transfer of motor memories between the two limbs. Please contact Marion Forano or David Franklin.

Gaze-dependent modulation of visuomotor feedback gains

This project investigates the effect of gaze position on the gain of the visuomotor feedback system during reaching. Please contact Justinas Cesonis or David Franklin.

Random and blocked design effects on learning and generalization

This project investigates the effect that the specific design of experiments (blocked or random) for opposing force fields has on the learning and generalization of motor memories. Please contact David Franklin.